I’m Gloria O’Connor and I live in Scarborough. I’m 81.

What aged care or HACC service do you use?

I use the cleaning service. I have one hour cleaning, every second Wednesday.

What has being able to access this service meant to you?

Well when my husband was sick it was wonderful. I had two and a half hours then and a lovely, marvellous woman from Queensland who used to whistle around the house. One day I asked my husband, did it upset him? And he said ‘Oh goodness no, you do it as long as you can!’ But, no, it’s been wonderful and I’ve met some lovely people, lovely people, yes. It’s just an hour at the moment that I go and sit in the dining room and read the paper. She comes between eight thirty and quarter to nine for an hour, yeah, and I just sit there quietly and read the paper, she’s lovely yes.

What do you enjoy most about the service?

She comes on a Wednesday morning and we spend the first ten, fifteen minutes talking (laughs), catching up on what she and her lovely husband have been doing and the girls, yes.

How would you recommend this service to others?

I would say it’s an hour where you can do something you want to do, whether it’s going to the shops, whatever, and it’s also a lovely way of meeting people, from all over, from everywhere, you know. My lass now is South African, you know, I had a Queenslander, all sorts, different types, and I love it yeah.

Tell us about your bus trip!

Monday mornings at about ten to nine I’m picked up by Bernie, and either Loretta or Freda, on a ten seater bus and I’m met at the door, they won’t let us come out the door until they’re there, you know, and taken up to the bus, put on the bus. I use a walker when we go out and Bernie puts it on the back of the bus. There’s only five of us on it at the moment on a ten seater bus but we go to all sorts of different places for tea, coffee and cake. I love the bus. It’s just somewhere lovely to go, where you’re not driving yourself, you’re looking around, you know, I’ve been to places all around this area, and Dianella where we pick up ladies, that I’ve never been before, you know, I get to see new places and stuff. I really, really look forward to it, yeah.