I’m Maureen Sweet and I live in Field Gate Square in Balga. I’m 96.

What aged acre or HACC service do you use?

I think my first one was getting a driver to take me to Charles Gairdner Hospital and places like that. I was still driving at that point in time but I would only drive locally. I wouldn’t drive as far as Charles Gairdner and I used to, and still do have to, go to Charles Gairdner fairly frequently, every six months or so.

What has being a part of the service meant to you?

Well I think it’s great because, you know, now I get the shoppers bus too, so thats good, and you know, there’s other outings that you can have, but lots I don’t take the advantage off, but I could do. I think all the volunteers are wonderful. You know I was thinking to myself one day, it was cold and dark and I was thinking, ‘Oh, why do I have to catch this bus, I have to get up early, why does it come at 8 in the morning?!’ And then I’d think, ‘Well those volunteers are coming, and they’ve got to get up earlier than I have and they’re doing it for me!’ I’m doing it for myself and I thought well how rich can I get (laughing).

What opportunity has it provided for you?

Well it’s meant freedom to get up and do my shopping for a start. And I know that if there’s an emergency, if I’ve got to get to the doctors, well then I know there’s a way to get there. You see I can’t even get a bus to the doctors that I go to now because my balance is not good.

How would you recommend this service to others?

Just tell them how great they are and how great I’ve found it. I have mentioned it to a couple of people, you know, older people, and I’ve said to the volunteers that I appreciate their help.

Would you look to the City of Stirling for more services that may be available to you?

Yes and someone from Stirling comes out every 12 months and assesses me, type of thing. And I think, you know, she suggested that I got someone in for cleaning, that’s right, and it came through there.

Do you have any feedback about your service with the shire?

I’d just say what a great service it is and I’ve never had any complaints, I’ve got nothing to complain about, I think they’re great.