My name is Stephen Charles Emms and I live in Scarborough. I’m 61.

How would you describe yourself?

Well I used to work. I worked until about 2009 and I’ve been, sort of, disabled since then.

What aged care or HACC service do you use?

Well about four years ago I was in Charles Gairdner Hospital, actually three years ago, for depression and part of my, sort of, rehabilitation plan was to be more active, do more things and when I got out, part of that was the Men’s Shed.

Do you enjoy it?

Oh, it’s good, yeah.

How often do you go to the Men’s Shed?

Well I think the Men’s Shed is used most days of the week, probably Saturday as well, I only go on the Tuesday.

When did you start going to the Men’s Shed?

I started going about, actually it was two years ago, June 2014, so it was only two years ago I was in Charles Gairdner.

What has being able to access this service meant to you?

When I first went there I was in a pretty bad way, I mean, I still enjoy going, I obviously can’t use any of the machinery or don’t use the machinery because my balance is so bad, you know, but I just go there to talk, meet some people, see what they’re making and use the computers.

What opportunities has it provided for you?

Well obviously I’ve done lots of probably good and interesting work in the past, but I’ve realised now that I’m not physically able to do that sort of thing, you know, in fact I’m on a disability pension now, but yeah I mean, I suppose it took a bit of getting used to at first, you know, but that’s the way it is.

How do you get on with the other clients at the Men’s Shed?

Yeah, I mean people are very good there, they never ask you questions about why you’re there or what’s the matter with you, they just sort of talk and and just get along and it’s a really good place. There’s no pressure at all and I really enjoy going there.

Does it surprise you the shire runs something like the Men’s Shed?

To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Men’s Sheds before I went, and I was absolutely amazed when I went there at how big and well equipped it is because it really is a very good facility.

How would you recommend this service to others?

I think the great thing about it for me is that you get to talk to loads of people who are very friendly and yeah it’s good, and we go on trips as well, yeah it’s good fun.